“Oh my God! Are you wearing an animal?”

“That’s right. One less rabbit skin rotting in a landfill.”

“You could get a jacket like mine. It’s synthetic leather.”

“You mean a plastic jacket? It’ll make great fish food one day.”
“The myth of recycled plastic”
In recent times, the fashion and other industries are claiming that they use recycled plastic to make their products. But at Aqpel, we know that the truth is not what they say it is.

Because of the high cost of recycling plastic, many brands use surrogate plastic to make their garments. These materials are potentially much more polluting than the plastic itself.

Our manufacturing process is sustainable and has a low environmental impact; we use and reuse as raw material a waste that other industries discard.
“So, this is the plastic recycling container; here’s the one for glass; paper goes here; organic waste goes here. And this one’s special: the organic upcycling bin.”

“Huh? I thought upcycling was repurposing old wooden beams to make tables and stuff like that…”

“It is, but that’s not all. You can also reuse organic materials and by-products to make new things. There’s no better way of recycling than upcycling.”
“Leather and sustainability”
We live in a time when recycling and sustainability have become buzzwords; a lot of us think that separating waste into different coloured containers is enough to self-proclaim ourselves protectors or guardians of the environment.

However, since many centuries ago, the concept of recycling was intimately linked with the idea of reusing; giving a new use to something that apparently has no further use.
Today, it is known as the circular economy.

At Aqpel, we use raw materials that other industries discard to make our goods.
“Nothing is made to last anymore, everything is made to be used and disposed of.”

“Speed is in fashion, there’s no way around it: fast food, fast fashion, weekend getaways, same-day deliveries. You need to keep up with the times, and the times are fast.”

“You may be right, but you have to take it slow to be genuine. And that never goes out of style.”
“Past, present and future”
According to a recent survey,* 60% of Spaniards buy clothes every month and, generally speaking, they do not know what the clothes they buy are made of.

This shows a growing trend toward the so-called fast fashion, that is, buying cheap, poor quality clothes that are replaced after a few weeks or months. In this respect, leather garments have always been a timeless trend in terms of quality and durability.

The fact that leather is not woven but is a solid mat of articulated fibres makes it ideal for adverse weather conditions and to protect against physical damage. That is why it has been used by aviators and motorcycle riders since the early 20th century.

At Aqpel, we use a lasting, quality raw material that will be just as good tomorrow as it is today.